Chiropractic Testimonials

"My “Son has special needs- ADD, visual physical deformities due to neglect/being stationed in awful area previously. My son stopped being active, happy, would be exhausted just walking down the street. Hunches over from depression from bulling. Had gastrointestinal issues. He was bullied, lacked confidence, motivation, missed out on many things. I was worried about his mental/emotional state as well if nothing continued to be done.” Chiropractic was “LIFE CHANGING!! AMAZING!! I have my child back! My son stands tall, happier, healthier, more confident, is able to exercise, go for long walks. Plus he has learning why & how to help take care of himself! He has excelled in his Occupational & Physical therapies. Dr. Moran’s wonderful, caring practice has affected other family members also. Whole total care! Caring, Sincere, Knowledgeable. Dr. Moran truly cares about the total health of his patients, and their families, and the community. I am deeply grateful for the amazing work he has done on my son. Thank you very much! My son has a fighting chance! I can’t thank you enough!”

- Joanie E.

“I was in a wreck in 2004 & Crushed my 3&4th vertabre, I was paralyzed for a while and finally got use of my legs and arms. As time went on I finally was able to walk with a walker. At times my lower back would hurt so bad that I couldn’t walk. It felt like my legs were pushing my spine upward. I would take prescription meds and over the counter drugs to ease the pain. I tried to get therapists, chiropractors, and doctors to work on my back but no one would touch me because they didn’t want to take a chance with me. The conditions that continued to plague me made it to the point that I couldn’t do much of anything that had to do with walking. It hurt to bad. I tried to exercise on a stationary recundent bike but that didn’t help either. My wife was going to Dr. Moran and told him of my situation and suggested that I come in and talk with him. I finally have gotten relief in my lower back. I am now standing straighter and being able to walk without pain. This is the first time in years. Dr. Moran gave me faith that I would finally get relief from my pain. I am very impressed with Dr. Moran and his team. They care about the way you feel and do whatever it takes to make you feel good. They are friendly and very likable to be around. I appreciate everything that they have done for me and will gladly recommend he & his team to everyone I know.”

- Joseph T.

“My body was very stiff and it hurt to move my back and neck. It had been going on for months. Poor posture and straining my back caused it. It became difficult to move. I did not want to do many things because of the pain. My mom told me (about Dr. Moran) and she had found out from a friend who recommended it. I no longer feel pain or difficulty in moving. I am more active as well. Great service was given every time I was here. Dr. Moran talked about what he was doing and how/why it would help. Everyone was extremely friendly. I would recommend this to everyone.”

- John G.

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